Our Mission

I founded Bark + Shout as a means of generating the funds that would put me in a financially free position from which I could refocus and work towards helping individuals and bringing about the positive societal change that has always been my main interest.

After working on Bark + Shout since November 2020, I have learned a lot about the problems with the Consumer Products Sector from which I planned to profit. I had the following realisations:

  • I couldn’t proudly associate myself with and profit from the problems with the Consumer Products Sector (e.g., promoting over-consumption, fast fashion and unethical manufacturing)
  • Instead of waiting for later in life, I can work towards helping individuals and bringing about positive societal change here and now by creating a brand that represents change and stands up against these issues.

Subsequently, I went back to the drawing board and created a Business Plan with the following mission in mind:

‘Breaking down the barriers between you and the outdoors.’

The hope is that this will facilitate physical and mental improvement by making it easier for you to get out of your comfort zone.

Whilst working towards this mission, we will strive to maintain the following values:

  • Quality over Quantity: We strive to provide products that are made to last so that you only have to buy what you need.
  • Transparency: As we work towards our goals, we aim to provide regular updates on our progress and any changes to our approach.
  • Ethical / Sustainable Manufacturing: This will be easier to provide as we scale up, but we will always have the goal of 100% Ethical / Sustainable Products as a priority.
  • Community: Anyone supporting our brand is a part of the community that believes in our mission and our aim is to provide lasting, genuine relationships with members of ‘The Pack’ that extend beyond the point of sale.
  • Responsible Scaling: Increase profits without promoting over-consumption or supporting a ‘fast fashion’ culture.

To thrive as a business, achieve our mission and create the biggest change, we have to continually increase profits; this is difficult to do whilst also staying in line with our values that I have outlined above. I have touched on the way that we intend to stay in line with our values whilst increasing profits above under ‘Responsible Scaling’.

Instead of attempting to forcefully increase profits from the Consumer Products Sector (promoting over-consumption and fast fashion), we intend to branch out to Technology and Entertainment Services. This lateral scaling will allow us to Responsibly Scale whilst also providing a broader range of solutions which span many sectors.

Here is a brief overview of what solutions we aim to provide in each sector:

  • Consumer Products - No matter what weather or environment, our range of clothing and accessories will prepare you and your pets for the outdoors.
  • Technology - Find routes and locations that best suit your needs based on community reviews.
  • Entertainment Services - Hire a private plot of land or property to have greater control over your outdoor experience.

More information on how we plan to scale laterally will come soon but for now, we will focus on creating a unique range of Clothing and Accessories that helps towards our mission.

If you believe in our mission and would like to help… Join the Pack 😉

- Cameron, Founder of Bark + Shout.