• How do I use my Barkie?

We highly recommend that you should try out your Barkie so that you know what to expect if you ever have to use it!

1. Point the light at your target.

2. Pull out the pin, at the top of the device, to sound the 130db alarm and flashing light.

3. Push to pin back into the top to disable the device until it is required.

  • How long will my Barkie last?

Barkie has a 2 Year Standby (Replaceable) Battery.

When in use, the LED will flash and the alarm will sound at 130db, reducing to 108db after 1 hour.

  • How easily does the pin remove?

To activate the alarm, you must apply a minimum of 1.5kg of force (15N) to release the pin.

You won't have to worry about accidentally activating your Barkie!

  • How do I replace the batteries?

This is a simple process 3 step process:

1. Open: Twist the pin, on the top of your Barkie, to release the front and back case.

2. Replace: Remove the two internal screws. Replace the two CR2032 batteries.

3. Close: Replace the two screws and snap the two halves of the case back together.

  • How loud is 130db?

130 decibels is as loud as a jet engine - Barkie doesn't play around!

  • Will this damage my dog's / my hearing?

The Barkie is 130db which helps to project the sound are far as possible; however, at an arms length (with the speaker facing away) the sound heard is around 90db which is about as loud as a dog's bark. Responsible brief exposure to the Barkie's siren is unlikely to cause long term damage to your / your dogs hearing.

As always, you should determine the suitability of this product based on your personal circumstances.