Suitability Information

Breaking Force

  • Testing: The minimum breaking force of these collars, as a complete design, is awaiting testing and so a fully informed maximum weight recommendation cannot be provided. 
  • Customer Experience: We have had many customers use previous iterations of this collar for up to L + XL Categories of Dog without any known breakage; however, it must be noted that the KNDL and SPRK ranges are specifically designed to be light-duty and as such do not implement the heavier but more durable hardware and materials which will be used on our future ranges.
  • Recommendation: Our recommendation based on known individual component breaking force data, extensive in-house testing and customer feedback is that these collars are suitable for animals which weigh up to 30kg. 


  • Fit: the TagPouch is large enough to accommodate most standard dog tags as well as small commonly used trackers such as the Apple AirTag and the Tile Sticker.
  • Tracker Choice: We do not endorse any particular tracker for keeping tabs on your dog - it is the responsibility of the owner to decide what is most suitable. Using a Tracker of any kind should not be a substitute for responsible dog ownership. 


  • Breakaway: This collar is designed to release (break away) under pressure to ensure an animals safety if they were to become caught by the collar whilst unattended. As stated broadly above, it is the owners responsibility to determine if the the force required for collar to breakaway is suitable for their pet.
  • Fidlock: This collar has a pull-tab magnetic release system - if your pet is prone to scratching their neck, often travels through heavy brambles or is frequently exposed to anything else where the tab could become caught and unlatch the buckle, our recommendation is to remove the fabric loop attached to the latch or otherwise consider our collar specs which feature an Side Release Buckle.